WordPress MicroPayments (CMMP) - Plugin Overview

What does WordPress MicroPayments do?

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WordPress MicroPayments is a payment system for WordPress that allows you to create and manage your own internal virtual currency. It integrates with major WordPress payment plugins like Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and WooCommerce, as well as many CreativeMinds plugins (Questions and Answers Plugin, Download and File Manager Plugin, WordPress Video Lessons Manager Plugin etc).

Through simple filters and shortcodes, you can award points for certain users and make selected content only accessible through purchasing points.

How do you use the plugin?

To use the plugin you need to follow these steps. The list below shows the steps in suggested order.

Each of the links will take you to the corresponding User Guide page describing the topic in detail.

  1. (required) Installation - how to get the plugin file, and install it on your page
  2. Setting up:
    1. (required) Adding Points
    2. (recommended) General Settings
    3. (optional) Notifications
    4. (optional) Labels
    5. (optional) Understand the "Until the errors are fixed" Error Message
  3. (recommended) Methods of obtaining points
    1. Purchase
      1. with internal PayPal
      2. with Easy Digital Downloads
      3. with WooCommerce
    2. after custom actions
      1. Download and File Manager integration
  4. (recommended) Granting points for purchase
    1. spent instead of currency in a Payment Gateway
      1. of WooCommerce
      2. of Easy Digital Downloads
    2. exchanged to discounts
      1. WooCommerce
      2. Easy Digital Downloads
  5. (optional) Additional resources/options
    1. Displaying Reports
      1. Exporting to CSV
    2. Managing Wallets
    3. Filters
    4. Shortcodes

We also strongly recommend checking out the the Video Overview page of the plugin's documentation, where we'll be posting both the overview videos and the tutorial videos for the plugin.

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