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Activate Multisite Installation

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To use the same set of wallets in the Network, you need to activate the plugin for the whole network.

After Network Activation a new menu "CM Micropayment Platform" in the Network Dashboard will appear. 

This menu holds only one checkbox labelled " Networkwide Shared Installation". After checking it all of the sites within the network will share the settings,
wallets and transactions.

Using MultiSite Installation

After enabling the Networkwide Shared Installation sites will not store their own data, instead all of the sites from the Network will use the Settings of the first site of the network.

Warning: If you're using the WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads integrations it's a good idea to Network Activate also these plugins. So you can be sure that the plugin works on each site of the network.

Except for that everything is the same as in the single site version of the plugin.

Site Level Settings

Although most of the settings will be shared between all of the sites - some of them have to be / can be set independently:

Below: The Presentation section of the Settings can be set independently on each of the sites of the Network


The MultiSite installation still requires you to provide the License Key for each site where you want to use the CM Micropayment Platform.

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