CM MicroPayments (CMMP) - Exporting Transaction History to CSV

How to Export?

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TIP: Download File Example

Understand how the file looks like. Download CSV example file

To do that you need to go to CM Micropayment Platform Menu → Reports

Below: The default Reports screen shows Graphs. To see the wallet transactions list, you need to change the value of the dropdown which says "Graph".

Then from the first dropdown, you need to select List.

Below: This is how for example the List of Wallets can look.

Below: To export the data, you need to click the "Export to CSV Button"

How the Export File Looks?

The export file will contain the same columns as you can see on the list:

  • Wallet code
  • User ID
  • Points
  • Amount
  • Type
  • Reason
  • Status
  • Date

Below: This is how the example export file looks after opening in the Excel.

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