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This guide addresses some common issues found while using the CM MicroPayments WordPress Plugin.

I'm getting the message "Until the errors are fixed (see other notices) the CM Micropayment Platform integration has been suspended"

1) Causes

This message is displayed if the plugin is missing basic configuration. It usually comes accompanied by other notices. For example:

2) Fixes

Check the other notices, if available, to understand the specific cause. Here are the two more important ones:

  • Message: "CM Micropayment Platform : There are no Points defined. Please go to Settings -> Points and "Add New" to add the possibility to buy points."

    Solution: Make sure to add at least one point value from Settings → PointsLearn more: CM MicroPayments (CMMP) - Getting Started - Points
  • Message: "CM Micropayment Platform : Missing Paypal credentials. Please go to Settings -> PayPal and fill the credentials."

    Solution: If PayPal is enabled and not on Test Mode, you need to add your credentials. Also note that you need a merchant PayPal account: more: CM MicroPayments (CMMP) - Getting Started - PayPal Configuration
  • Unlikely Causes
    • Make sure your chosen payment method is properly configured (Stripe / Easy Digital Downloads / WooCommerce)
      • Note that, in the case of Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce, the respective plugins must be installed and activated! Otherwise, the relevant settings will not be displayed in MicroPayments.
    • Make sure all pages are assigned (this should happen automatically when the plugin is installed)

I'm getting a message that says I need to add [cm_micropayment_checkout] to my Checkout page. How to remove it?


If you're getting this notification and you're using EDD integration, all you need to do is to uncheck the following checkbox:

"Point is lower than 0 or is not a number" message

The message can appear while adding point values


If you receive this error message while trying to add values, include 0 as decimals. For instance,

  • Right - 6.00
  • Wrong - 6

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