CM MicroPayments (CMMP) - How To - Display Reports (Point Usage)

Switching Report Types

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Head to Settings → Reports.

Report Types

There are two types of reports available:

  • Graph Report
  • List Report

To switch between them you need to select the type you want from the first dropdown on the left and click Apply.

Graph Report

The first type of report allows you to see the graph displaying the data about the flow of the points in your system.

You can manipulate the data displayed on the graph in two ways:

By changing the type of data displayed:

  • Points - displays the amounts of points being used in transactions
  • Count - displays the amount of different transactions which take place
  • Amount - displays the value of the transactions in the real-life currency

By changing the timeframe (using the third dropdown).


Graph displaying the amount of points which were used in the given period.

List Report

The second type of report allows you to list all of the wallet transactions and filter them by date and by status (Successful only or All).

Things you can change on this screen:

  • Timeframe - by using the dropdown next to Apply button, you can select the timeframe you'd like to display
  • Status - by selecting "Show only successful' you can filter out the transactions which have failed for any reason
  • Page - by using the numbers and arrows over and under the table you can change the pages of the data


List report displaying all of the transactions from the current month

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