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Points Values

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What Is This Feature

Points prices is a section of MicroPayments Plugin where you can set the prices and value of your points.

Finding The Settings

To create points navigate to the CM Micropayment Platform → Settings.

Navigation to MicroPayments Platform plugin settings
Navigation to MicroPayments plugin settings

Click on the Points tab.

MicroPayments plugin Points settings
MicroPayments plugin Points settings

Click Add New.

Setting this up is required if you want to enable your users to buy the point packages. The plugin supports up to three decimals (for instance, 0.025). Since the version 2.2.7 you can also define the order number - that's the position that the point package will be displayed on the checkout page.

Setting up the cost of points - WordPress MicroPayments
Setting up the cost of points

Please note that the points value must be unique – so you always have one standard price for a given amount of points.

Multiple points values - MicroPayments Platform Plugin
Multiple points values

"Point is lower than 0 or is not a number" message

Incorrect points value message - WordPress Points Management Plugin
Incorrect points value message

If you receive this error message while trying to add values, include 0 as decimals. For instance,

  • Right - 6.00
  • Wrong - 6

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