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Easy Digital Downloads Integration

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If you choose to use the EDD integration option, the only payment related setting within the CM MicroPayment Platform you have to select is the “Use Easy Digital Downloads for Checkout.

After saving the changes you’ll be notified about the fact that all  MicroPayment Payments Settings have been disabled. For the setup of Payments in Easy Digital Downloads, please refer to the plugin’s EDD help.

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Micropayment Platform → Settings.

Click on the General tab.

Use Easy Digital Downloads for Checkout – all of the Payments will be forwarded to the Easy Digital Downloads checkout page.

The integration is transparent. You don’t have to manually add the products to the EDD product catalog. It will be done automatically for each entry from the Point Price table. The changes will be replicated as well. The products will have the category assigned so they stand out.

  • Grant MicropaymetPoints per purchase - This option allows you to grant virtual currency points for purchases users make in your Easy Digital Downloads shop. This can reward users for purchases they are making in your store which they can also convert later to coupon codes or purchasing directly with the virtual currency in your store (the last two options needs to be enabled to support this).
  • Allow to convert MicropaymentPoints into discounts - This setting option allows users to use the shortcode to use the accumulated points to buy the discounts for Easy Digital Downloads products. The conversion ratio between points to real money value is based on the MicroPayments  setting.
    • You can learn more about it here.
  • Allow only to buy products with MicropaymentPoints - You can add the MicroPayment also as a payment gateway in your EDD checkout page. This means that once paying for products user can choose to pay with thier virtual currency. The conversion between the real value of the product and the virtual currency will be calculated based on the MicroPayment setting for conversion rate.

Of course, it'll still be possible to buy packages of points with the real money using the other defined gateways

Currency Settings

In the EDD currency settings (Admin Dashboard -> Downloads -> Settings, Payment Gateway tab) you can define the MicroPayment defined virtual currency as the default currency for your EDD shop. 

This will display the price of each product as set in your product download page in MicroPayment currency value and will only allow you to pay with the MicroPayment payment gateway at checkout. Using this is of course optional.

Video Tutorial

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