CM Answers (CMA) + MicroPayments (CMMP) - Use Case - Letting Users Pay With Digital Wallet For Posting Questions

Use Case - Letting Users Pay With Digital Wallet For Posting Questions

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: This use case requires these to be installed and activated:

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Combing both plugins means forum users can receive or pay virtual money to post questions or answers. It's also possible to grant badges for users with certain amount of points.

Use Case Front-End Example

User has to pay one point to post question, as highlighted below.

As a result, the user wallet has been charged one point.

Use Case Assumptions

In this example use case guide, we'll cover how to charge users for posting questions and grant points for answering. Users get badges by achieving a certain amount of points. You can apply the same idea to different topics.

We consider that you have already bought the plugins, but not installed them. We will cover the basics of setting up MicroPayments. Learn how to create the tourism forum with CM Answers.

It follows:

Installing The Plugins

The process is the same for all CM plugins.

  • Download the add-on from your customer dashboard
  • Log in to WordPress and navigate to the WordPress Admin  → Plugins settings.
  • Click on Add New
  • Activate it and add the license

Learn more: Getting Started - Installation And First Steps

Setting Up MicroPayments 

After installing the CM MicroPayments, every registered user is given their own wallet. 

Don't forget to set up digital wallets properly to use the integration to its fullest potential. 

TIP: Wallet Page Shortcodes

Some shortcodes that are useful to place in the "My Wallet" page.

  • Apply [cm_user_balance] to  show how many points the user has on his wallet.
  • Apply [cm_user_balance_value] to show how many much money the wallet is worth.
  • Apply [cm_user_wallet] to show the latest transactions on the wallet.

Learn more: CM MicroPayments (CMMP) - Shortcodes - Overview - CreativeMinds Products Documentation

Tourism Use Case

In our case, we'll call the virtual currency "Travel Tokens".

Charging for Asking Questions

Let's now set up the cost.

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Answers Pro (1) → Settings (2)→ MicroPayments tab (3)

TIP: Important Tab!

All settings related to this integration are in this tab.

Under the General section (4), notice the Action on question post (5).

Set to charge and then write 1. Now, users will have to pay one point to post questions.

Granting Points For Answers

Just below the previous options, you will find Action on answer post (6).

We'll set to grant and also

Granting Extra Points For Best Answers

TIP: Best Answers

The thread author can mark questions as resolved - when that is the case, the last answer is considered the best one.

Similarly, below you can set a different amount of points for best answers. 

If "Enable user to set points manually for best answer" is on, the following field will be available while creating a question.

CM Answers (CMA) - Settings - Best Answer - CreativeMinds Products Documentation

Granting Badges To Engaged Users

Now, let's promote engagement! Let's add multiple badges to users that received many points in the forum, like this:

To do so, check the section Badges under General (1). 

First, choose the badges mode (2). 

  • Definitive will show only one badge. Following the screenshot, with 4 points, Rita would show only the Starfish badge.
  • Accumulative will show all badges that apply. Following the screenshot, with 4 points, Rita would show both the Nice Cream and the Starfish badges.

Creating Badges (3)

  • Starting from - How many points the user needs to receive it
  • Title - Will show on mouse hover
  • Image - Provide the link or add one from your machine. It will always be redimensioned (not cropped) to 20x20px.

Add as many badges (4) as you would like.

Tourism Badges Use Case

  • Badges are set to Accumulative
  • The user Rita has more than 5 points

TIP: Badges in PeepSo

You can also show badges in PeepSo with the CM Answers + MicroPayments PeepSo Integration.

Translating Interface

This integration includes some specific labels. This way, you can adapt all messages related to payments.

Head to CM Answers → Settings → Labels and edit all relevant text. Example of translation:

TIP: Points Placeholder

The labels may, naturally, include the points price of the questions or answers. These depend on your settings.

To solve this, we use the placeholders %d for prices. 

Example: if you charge 2 Travel Tokens for asking questions, the following label

%2 Travel Tokens will be charged

Will appear on your site as:

2 Travel Tokens will be charged

Learn more: Settings - Labels

Use Case Result


Posting a question costs one Travel Token. 

On the other hand, answering a question grants Travel Tokens.

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