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CM MicroPayments Shortcodes

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TIP: What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes add dynamic content to your site via a small piece of code. Learn more: Shortcodes - How To Use

This page contains a list of the shortcodes you can use in the CM MicroPayment plugin. 

There are many possibilities, so we have grouped the shortcodes into groups:

  1. Wallet Management Shortcodes
  2. Transfer and Payment Shortcodes
  3. Checkout Shortcodes
  4. Discount Shortcodes

1) Wallet Management Shortcodes

Create Wallet Button

Shortcode: [create_wallet_button]

Description: Shows the button which – once clicked – creates a new wallet code to display the wallet. This action is done with an AJAX request so it doesn’t reload the page.

On success, the wallet code will be displayed. You can choose to hide the button by enabling the option  "Hide button after wallet creation".

Below: After the "Create Wallet" button has been clicked, the wallet code is displayed. The user should save or remember their wallet code and use it when asked.

Show Wallet History


Description: If user is logged in, shows latest transactions on wallet.

Check Wallet by Code


Description: Shortcode shows a form, where user enters the wallet code/name, and displays wallet info.

Show User Balance


Description: Show how many points logged-in user has on his wallet.

Show User Balance Value


Description: Show how many the points logged user has on his wallet are worth.

2) Transfer and Payment Shortcodes

Show "Purchase More Points" Link


Description: Displays the link to the page allowing to buy more points (checkout).

Transfer Points Between Users


Description: Shows the form which allows to make a transfer of points from your own wallet to the other wallet with the known code. Of course only the amount of points lower or equal to the amount of points available on the wallet can be sent.

For more information, read the guide   CM MicroPayments (CMMP) - Transfer Points Between Users

Tip Button


Description: Shows a button which allows to transfer tip to a selected user.


  • tipamount - Amount of the tip (default: 0)
  • account - The user_login of the WordPress user that will receive the tip (default: empty)
  • class - CSS class, if applicable (default: empty)
  • text - Plain text shown above the button (default: empty)
  • label - Button label (default:Pay Tip)

Example[cmmp_tip_button tipamount="5" account="johndoe" label="Pay Tip" text="Would you like to tip John Doe with 5 points?"]

PayPal Payout Exchange form


Description: Displays the form allowing to exchange the points to money using  PayPal Payout system.

Stripe Exchange form

Shortcode: [cm_micropayment_points_to_stripe]

Description: Displays the form allowing to exchange the points to money using the  Stripe system.


  • connectbutton (optional) - "1" includes link so users can connect with Stripe. "0" does not include it (default: "0")
    Example:  [cm_micropayment_points_to_stripe connectbutton="1"]

3) Checkout Shortcodes

Checkout Page


Description: The shortcode allows to display the form allowing to buy the defined points sets using the built in PayPal Gateway. If the Easy Digital Downloads integration is enabled, the items will be added to EDD cart.

Below: Option to buy 25 points for 5USD. After clicking on the "Send" button the payment process starts. 

Show Wallet Balance After Checkout

Shortcode: [get_transaction_wallet_points]

Description: Shows on the success page how many points the wallet has after completing a successful checkout.

Show Wallet Name After Checkout

Shortcode: [get_transaction_wallet]

Description: Shows on success page name of charged wallet.

4) Discount Shortcodes

Show Discounts


Description: Displays the list of the discount codes generated with the cm_micropayment_points_to_discount.

Exchange Points to Discounts

Shortcode: [cm_micropayment_points_to_discount]

Description: Allows users to exchange their MicroPayment Points to Easy Digital Downloads discount codes.

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