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How The Glossary Tooltip Plugins Works

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The CM Glossary Tooltips WordPress plugin allows you to create a directory of terms and then display its definitions in a fancy tooltip. It checks all posts and pages looking for terms that are defined in your glossary.

Technically, parsing happens in “the_content” filter every time it is loaded, before the information is sent to the browser.

This post explains in a simple way:

What Are Terms?

Terms are words or concepts that you would like to define. The plugin will neatly display them in your glossary.

For example, if your site is about cars, probable terms would be engine, tire, chassis, and exhaust.

With Tooltip Glossary, you can add definition, synonyms, abbreviations, related content, alternate meanings, images and much more.

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What Are Term Pages?

For each term, a post with a unique ID and permalink is created. When you click a highlighted term, you will be directed to its term page.

An example:

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What Is the Glossary?

Glossary is a collection of definitions ordered alphabetically. You can think of it as a dictionary that covers a certain subject, instead of just languages.

CM Tooltip features different views for the glossary.

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What Are Tooltips?

The plugin shows tooltips for terms added to the glossary. These are shown when hovered over (each of this can be controlled in the plugin/page/term settings). 

 You can customize the tooltip content, shape, text length, and more. Once a user clicks on the term, they are directed to the Term Page.

wordpress tooltips plugins- Tooltip appearance

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Plugin Versions

All definitions are available in the plugin’s settings panel.Different features become available depending on the edition you’re using- Free, Pro, Pro+ or eCommerce.  Compare these plugin editions to find the one that best suits your needs.

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Tooltip Glossary Add-ons

The plugin can be powered up with these add-ons:

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