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Enabling Footnotes

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Note: the Footnotes feature was introduced in version 3.9.15.

To configure displaying footnotes navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → General Settings tab. 

Locate there the  Footnotes display settings section. The available options are:

  • Display terms as a footnotes - Enable it to highlight terms with footnote links that reffer to the definition located on the bottom of the page under the main content. Important: If this option is enabled then tooltips will not be displayed.
  • Display style - Choose the style how the reference link will be displayed on the Front-End. You can choose between: 
    • Square brackets - [ ]
    • Curly brackets - { }
  • Footnote link styles - Choose the styles for the link from where the term is found:
    • Font size - Choose the font size for the footnote link.
    • Color - Choose the font color for the footnote link.
    • Style - Choose the font style for the footnote link. The options are:
      • None
      • Bold
      • Italic
  • Use excerpt for bottom definition - If enabled, then bottom footnote definition will display terms excerpt instead of full definition.
  • Strip HTML from the bottom footnote definition - If enabled, then bottom footnote definition will have all of it's HTML removed, leaving just the plain text.
  • Footnotes definitions title - Choose the title for the footnote definitions section in the bottom block.

Using Synonyms

If you use Synonyms for terms, then synonyms that were found in the same article will be written in brackets after the term title. Example:

Learn more about adding synonyms to terms in this guide: Terms - Adding Synonyms

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