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Control your Tooltip Style and Sizes

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With the Pro, Pro+ and eCommerce edition of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin, you can control and modify your tooltip link design. 

The eCommerce boasts over 20 options to adjust the tooltip styling to your

Change the font, color, and size of the tooltip links that appear in your content, and create a distinct look for the terms in your content, which is not only useful but is also beautiful!

You can only set the tooltip width (both minimal and maximal), as the height is calculated based on the content.

Video Guide

Three Examples of What You Can Achieve

To gain more effects and option you can also refer to the Glossary Skins Addon which supports additional styles and options.

Finding The Settings

All the settings related to the tooltip style are found in the plugin settings under  Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip → Settings → Tooltip tab. Then, check the Tooltip - Styling section.

Some of what you can change:

  • Tooltip font
  • Tooltip title font size
  • Tooltip background color
  • Tooltip border line properties
  • Tooltip text color
  • Tooltip positioning on the screen

Changing your Tooltip Link Design!

All you have to do to style the Glossary link design is go into the plugin settings, and find the tab “ Glossary Term”. 

Now, you can control the link style on two main link statuses: As it appears when looking at the text, and as it appears when hovered with the mouse. 

modify the Tooltip Link Design with CM tooltip glossary plugin for WordPress

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