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Customizing the Glossary Index Page

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The site administrator can choose between several Index display modes and determine the style of their Glossary Index Page in the Pro+ and Ecommerce editions.

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What is CSS

CSS allows you to make changes that WordPress, themes and even the plugins don't support. Be sure to test all changes before applying! 

Learn more: General Support - Advanced - Custom CSS

CreativeMinds Can Help

If you prefer not modifying CSS and visual elements by yourself, CreativeMinds can help adapting CM plugins to your theme.

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Note that only the Pro+ and eCommerce editions of the WordPress Glossary plugin have access to all templates.

To view how each of them looks like, please refer to the guide WordPress Glossary Plugin (CMTG) - Index - Index Templates

To set a template, go to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → Glossary Index Page. 

Choosing the display style - Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin
Choosing the display style

Changing Term Font Size and Weight

You can set the font size in pixels and its weight (regular or bold). Still in the Glossary Index Page tab, head to the Styling section.

There are no default value for both options. If they are not set, the theme styling will apply.

Changing term font size and weight - Glossary Plugin WordPress
Changing term font size and weight

Search Form

The Administrator can also choose to show a search form on the glossary index page. The search form will then appear above the alphabetic index, allowing users to search for specified terms.

Enabling the search form - Tooltip Plugin WordPress
Enabling the search form

Other options include whether to search the Terms description, title or both, -and whether or not to only search for exact matches.

Additionally, you can change the colors of elements from the Styling section.

Configuring the search bar - Tooltip WordPress Plugin
Configuring the search bar


Example of the search bar - Wiki Plugin for WordPress
Example of the search bar

Learn more: WordPress Glossary Plugin (CMTG) - Search Glossary Terms

Removing Links

The Administrator can choose to only link the Term's title to the Glossary Term page, or remove the links to the Glossary Term page altogether.

On the Glossary Index Page tab, scroll down to the Links section. Check the box for the option that you prefer:

Links settings - Wiki for WordPress
Links settings

Adjusting link styles

The Style links differently option allows the administrator to opt for the links in the glossary index page to be styled differently than the usual way glossary terms are styled. In this case the Administrator will be able to use the class glossaryLinkMain to style only the links on the Glossary Index Page

Otherwise, they will retain the class glossaryLink and will be identical to the linked terms on all the other pages.

Also see WordPress Glossary Plugin (CMTG) - Index - Custom Style.

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