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Controlling Where The Tooltip Appears

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There are several different settings that help determine where on your site or blog your WordPress Tooltips will appear, and how.

You can access, customize, and set rules for the way you want your WordPress tooltips to appear, by going into the plugin’s Settings panel → and clicking the tab “General Settings”, then checking the "Term Highlighting" section.

Tooltips Rules

  • Enable or disable term highlighting altogether in pages, posts, custom post types and archives
  • Only show terms on single posts/pages - For cases when you want terms to be highlighted across your site, but not on pages such as the homepage, archive pages and author pages
  • Only highlight the first term on each page
  • Treat variation/synonyms as the base term or not
  • Highlight terms inside user comments
  • Highlight terms inside the Text Widget
  • Highlight BuddyPress pages and bbPress replies
  • Highlight only space-separated terms
  • Exclude specific HTML classes or tags - you can write down a list of classes and tags, separating them by commas
  • Settings related to Advanced Custom Fields have their own section

Glossary Options

Also, when you edit a term, you can find a metabox that controls if a tooltip will appear for the term:

Page Post Options

The rules you defined in the general plugin settings will apply to all pages and posts. However, they can be overridden by using the tooltips metabox located on the right side of the post once editing it. 

Using this metabox, you can manually exclude some pages from being parsed by the plugin, as well as change the rules by which that particular page is parsed.

Using Shortcodes

You can also restrict the parsing of text inside a post or page by using the glossary_exclude shortcode in the following way:

[glossary_exclude] text [/glossary_exclude]

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