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Tooltip Glossary Plugin First Steps

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This is a guide designed to help you get started with Tooltip Glossary. All starting guides:
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Tooltip Glossary is a powerful WordPress plugin, filled with features to make it easy for you to create and display rich content for your website.

This guide teaches what to do first as soon as you install  Tooltip Glossary.
For even more detailed information, check the complete User Guide.

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First Steps


Refresh the Permalinks Structure

This will help preventing common 404 errors. Take these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress website as the admin.
  2. Visit Admin Dashboard → Settings → Permalinks.
  3. Click on Save Changes.

Add Glossary Terms

Your WordPress Glossary Terms can be created and edited using the WordPress editor, just like any other post on your site. They can include images, videos, and generally any html content.

You can add them from CM Tooltip Glossary → Add new.

The term title is the word or phrase which, when found on the post/page, would display the tooltip with the definition, and link to the Term Page or any other custom links according to the settings that you define.

Term descriptions can be long or short. If you want to limit the amount of the description which shows inside the tooltip you can set this in the plugin settings. 


Configure the Glossary Index

The Glossary Index Page is automatically created upon plugin installation in the address www.yoursite.com/glossary.

It's a normal page with the shortcode  [glossary], which outputs your terms in an alphabetical order:

As you add more terms, the Glossary Index Page will be automatically updated to present all of your glossary items.

You can configure it by heading to the plugin's settings →  Glossary Index Page tab.

Some particularly interesting options:

  • Choose template.
  • Display or hide feature image.
  • Limit the definition length.
  • Remove the tooltips on the Glossary Index Page.

Customize the Tooltip

Tooltips are an essential part of the plugin. 

Head to Admin Dashboard → Tooltip Glossary → Settings → Tooltip tab. Here you will find plenty of options to customize the tooltip.

Some interesting options:

  • Content - Enable tooltip, make terms case-sensitive, and add content before and after the tooltips.
  • Animation - Choose which animation that will trigger when displaying and hiding the tooltip.
  • Styling - Choose the colors, placement, size, font and more. Examples of what you can achieve:

To learn more about an option, you can also hover over the blue icon with the question mark in the plugin itself.

This concludes the First Steps guide. For more information, check the Tutorials Roadmap.

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