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Upgrading from Free to Pro

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This is a guide designed to help you get started with Tooltip Glossary. All starting guides:
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First Steps | How The Plugin Works | Troubleshooting | Upgrading from Free to Pro

With CM plugins, all WordPress Plugin Updates and Upgrades are 100% safe.

If you are re-installing your Tooltip plugin, don’t worry about losing any of your previous data, such as your glossary terms and plugin settings. Anything you created so far with the plugin will be saved and will NOT be erased.
You can safely update your plugin version or upgrade to the Pro, Pro+ or eCommerce editions to enjoy more powerful features, without losing any of your existing data.

WordPress plugin Upgrades

The CM tooltip plugin is available in 4 editions, each suited for different types of needs and budgets: Free, Pro, Pro+, and eCommerce editions. When upgrading, please remember to deactivate your existing edition first before activating the new one, because they would then overlap each other and can not work simultaneously.

Glossary new versions

New WordPress plugin updates are released regularly and are available for download in the plugins section on your WordPress admin panel. As our team of developers is constantly working to improve our products, we strongly recommend you to always be working with the latest version of our plugins.

Pro/Pro+/Ecommerce versions also include the “Version Update” page which has all the information about updating those versions.

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