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TIP: What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes add dynamic content to your site via a small piece of code.

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The most advanced, sophisticated and powerful of all CM Tooltip Glossary Shortcodes is the [glossary]. By default, it just displays the Glossary Index Page with the default settings (taken from the Settings screen). But with the right attributes, it can be much, much more.

On this page, we will explain all of the attributes and give some examples of what can be achieved with them.

Show Glossary Category Index Shortcode - Attributes 

[glossary cat="cat1,cat2" gtags="tag1,tag2" search_term="term"2itemspage="1" 2letter="all" related="0" no_desc="0" hide_terms="0" hide_abbrevs="0" hide_synonyms="0" glossary_index_style="tiles"3]

This shortcode supports following set of attributes:

  • cat – comma separated list of slugs of the category/categories you want to show the list for (only the items belonging to these categories will be displayed and the category selection will be hidden).
  • gtags - comma separated list of slugs of the tags you want to show the list for (only the items belonging to these tags will be displayed).
  • disable_listnav – controls whether the alphabetical list navigation should be shown (default: 0).
  • search_term - the search term which should be pre-entered when user gets on the page (only items matching the search will be displayed).
  • show_search - you can set this to 0 to disable the search functionality completely.
  • itemspage - change the number of the items on page.
  • letter - change the preselected letter - only items beginning with this letter will be displayed.
  • glossary_index_style (Pro+/Ecommerce) - you can overwrite the default style of the Glossary Index Page coming from the Settings:
    • Classic "classic", 
    • Classic + definition "classic-definition", 
    • Classic + excerpt "classic-excerpt", 
    • Small Tiles "small-tiles", 
    • Big Tiles "big-tiles", 
    • Classic table "classic-table", 
    • Modern table "modern-table", 
    • Sidebar + term page "sidebar-termpage"
  • title_prefix – displays the text which will appear in the heading.
  • title_category – controls whether the category title should appear in the heading (default: 1 – show the category title).
  • title_show – controls whether to show the heading – setting this to 0 means the heading won’t be displayed at all (default: 1 – show heading).
  • related (Pro+/Ecommerce) – you can use this attribute to show “up to X” related articles on Glossary Index List. Note: It only works for the Glossary Index List views displaying the description. The list of related articles will be rendered under the description, or instead of it (see attribute “no_desc”).
  • no_desc (Pro+/Ecommerce) – you can use this attribute (add no_desc=”1″) to disable the descriptions on Glossary Index List.
  • hide_terms (Pro+/Ecommerce) – you can use this attribute (add hide_terms =”1″) to stop the Glossary Terms from being displayed on the Glossary Index list (e.g. if you want to make a list of only the synonyms or abbreviations).
  • hide_abbrevs (Pro+/Ecommerce) – you can use this attribute (add hide_abbrevs =”1″) to stop the Glossary Term abbreviations from being displayed on the Glossary Index list (e.g. if you want to make a list of only the terms or abbreviations).
  • hide_synonyms (Pro+/Ecommerce) – you can use this attribute (add hide_synonyms=”1″) to stop the Glossary Term synonyms from being displayed on the Glossary Index list (e.g. if you want to make a list of only the terms or abbreviations).

But there's even more with Add-Ons:

  • cmttct_taxonomy_X - allows to pre-select a taxonomy with given ID (only with Custom Taxonomies Add-On).
  • freeze_cmttct_taxonomy_X - allows to hide the taxonomy selection, if the value is already pre-selected (so the results are limited but there's no way to change it) (only with Custom Taxonomies Add-On).

Show Glossary Category Index Shortcode - Examples

Here are just a few out of almost limitless examples of what you can do with the shortcode. Of course the list is just the inspiration. 

If you didn't find your use case and you don't know how to do what you want, please open a support ticket:

Only items from category "WordPress"

[glossary cat="WordPress"]

Displaying only items starting with letter A

  [glossary letter="a"] ("A" is the example here, it can be any single letter)

Displaying only the items containing "Word"

[glossary search_term="word"].

Only starting with N, without showing listnav and search

[glossary letter="t" show_search="0"] 

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