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There are many different content builders on the market, each one of them built differently. As a result, some of them work fine without any additional work, but some interfere with the standard parsing of the content and require additional actions. 

This guide will cover some of the known issues with popular content builders.

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Starting from version 3.7 of the WordPress Glossary plugin, there is an option dedicated to improving compatibility with page builders.

To find the setting, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → General Settings tab → Performance & Debug section. Then, check the option Move tooltip contents to footer:

Moving tooltip contents to footer - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin
Moving tooltip contents to footer

If this option is enabled, the tooltip content will not be passed directly to JS with the HTML attribute. This has been reported to improve compatibility with the Elementor Page Builder.

Notes on Page Builders

  • Divi - Should work properly by default.
  • Elementor - Should work properly with the "Move tooltip contents to footer" setting on (as mentioned above). 
  • Avia Builder (Enfold Theme) - Should work correctly by default starting from Enfold 4.4.1. Learn more about older versions below.
  • Nicepage- The [cm_tooltip_parse] shortcode may require light HTML editing to work correctly. Read more.
  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin - Should work correctly by default.
  • Beaver Builder - Works correctly with the "Load the scripts in footer?" setting checked. This setting is also found in the Performance & Debug section. Learn more about compatibility with the Beaver Themer below.
  • King Composer - Should work correctly by default.
  • Nimble Page Builder - Should work correctly by default.
  • Oxygen - Should work correctly by default since version 3.9.14 in all editions: Ecommerce, Pro and Pro+.

Beaver Builder / Beaver Themer Compatibility

In case if glossary terms are not parsed on the pages build with Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer add-on, then you need to do the following:

  • Add the post content module as an HTML module connected to Beaver Themer.

Older Versions of Avia Builder (Enfold Theme)

If you're using an older version of Avia Builder, you need to download and replace the themes template-builder.php file with the one which can be downloaded from here: 

Enfold 4.0.1:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/3u4mfo8aqx2mck9/template-builder.php?dl=0

Enfold 4.3.1:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwxomz9yx8463me/template-builder.php?dl=0

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download the file from the link above (choose the right version!).
  2. Locate the template-builder.php file in the theme you're using and create a backup (copy it to some other place, or change the name eg. to template-builder-bak.php).
  3. Replace the file:
    1. Copy the downloaded file and place it in the theme directory (replace the file if prompted).
    2. (better) If you're using the child-theme, you can put the file in the child theme directory. If you don't know how to create a child theme you can read this article: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2016/01/create-customize-wordpress-child-theme/
  4. The tooltips should now be parsed in the Avia Builder built content.
  5. WARNING: If you've replaced the file in the theme, and not the child theme, you will have to do it after each update of the theme! 

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