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How To Use This Plugin

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This is a general roadmap to help you through making the best use of the WordPress Pay Per Post plugin. Each step is explained in-depth in a dedicated guide.

  1. What Can I do With The Plugin
    1. Charge users to access certain parts of your WordPress website, such as pages or posts.
    2. The user must be logged-in to view the content and subscribe to it. If he/she is not logged-in, a prompt will recommend logging in. if he/she is already logged-in but not subscribed, the following message will be shown:

      Example of the paybox - Pay-Per-Post Plugin
      Example of the paybox
  2. What do I Need To Use This Plugin
    1. Install and activate this plugin and either MicroPayments Plugin or the Direct Payment Add-on. (Learn the difference)
      1. Direct Payments (Default) - To use a more traditional payment system, such as PayPal. PayPerPost supports Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and WooCommerce. You can find it in PPP page's "Add-ons" tab.
      2. MicroPayments - To use digital wallets and a points system as payment (read the guide)
  3. Setting Up The Plugin
    1. Choose the payment method (MicroPayments plugin, EDD or WooCommerce) (read the guide)
    2. Select if the users will be charged for accessing each post or for the whole website. Also, define if excerpts will be shown (read the guide)
    3. Create options for prices (also called subscriptions) (read the guide)
    4. If you are going to block specific posts or pages, assign them to group prices (read the guide)
    5. Manage the subscriptions (read the guide)
    6. Choose if refunds are possible and how to deal with them (read the guide)
    7. Decide if copying content is restricted (read the guide)
    8. Set notifications for new subscriptions (read the guide)
  4. Improving The Experience
    1. Enable or disable the pricing group column in the pricing table (read the guide)
    2. Translate the interface by changing labels (read the guide)
    3. Let users see their subscriptions by using a simple Shortcode (read the guide)
    4. Learn how to boost SEO with the plugin (read the guide)
    5. Restrict the number of purchases (read the guide)

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