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Restrict Number of Purchases

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What Is This Feature

Starting from version 2.2.3, you can restrict the number of purchases for your posts. This means that only a set number of users can make a purchase.


To limit the number of users that can make the purchase, navigate to the plugin settings. Under the General tab, you can find the option Post Availability.

To activate, set the option  Allow to set limit the post availability for users to Yes. Under Max user number limit, set the maximum number of users you want your post to be available for. Set the number above 0, because if you set it at 0 or below, there will be no limit.

If you want to show a message to your users once the maximum number has been reached, set Allow to set message with limit to Yes.

Modifying The Label

To set a custom message once the maximum number of users has been reached, navigate to page plugin settings and find Labels tab. Under it, navigate to the Post Availability section. 

You can set a general message, or a message that states the number of buyers that have purchased your post. 

Your message will be shown to the users once the maximum number has been reached.



You can show if a post is available or not to the current user by using the shortcode  [cmppp_availability postid="ID"]

ID should be replaced with the ID of the post.


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