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Notifications Settings

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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Pay Per Posts Pro → Settings.

Click on the Notifications tab.

There are two notifications:

  • For The Customer (added in version 2.0.9)
  • For The Admin

1) For The Customer

2) For the Admin

Change the settings in the New Subscription box:

  • Enable notifications - Check yes or no to enable subscription notifications. Subscriptions notification are sent to the user once he purchase/ subscribe to a post or a group of posts.
  • Emails to notify - Enter email addresses in the provided box that notifications of subscriptions should be sent to. This cover also sending notification to admin or other user who should be notified on new subscriptions.

Using Placeholders

In both cases (customer or admin) you can customize the email subject and template using placeholders:

  • Email subject 
    • [blogname] - WordPress defined bog name parameter
    • [postname] - WordPress defined post name.
    • [username] - The usrername which subscribed
    • [userlogin] - The WordPress user login
    • [startdate] - Subscription start date
    • [enddate] - Subscription end date
    • [duration] - Subscription duration
    • [points] - Points amount paid for subscription
  • Email body template
    • The same placeholders as above plus
      • [home] - Website home URL
      • [permalink] - The post URL

Click on the blue save button to save changes.

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