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Subscription Settings

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You can find the Subscriptions settings on WP-Admin → CM Pay Per Post → Settings page under the General tab.

Subscription Model

Choose the subscription model.

  • "Pay per each post" - users have to activate subscription for each post. 
  • "Pay per pricing group" - users have to activate subscription once for pricing group and he will have access to all posts associated with this pricing group.
  • "Pay per pricing group or single post" - users can see both subscription options mentioned above on every post or page. (Feature added in version 2.0.7).

What Should Be Hidden in the Frontend

This is perhaps the most important setting in this screen. There are four option, and some of them have additional settings

  1. Show only part of the content (more options) - Specify how much of the content is hidden.
  2. Hide only content - Hides the complete content.
  3. Hide full page - Hides the full page, including content, header, and footer.
  4. Hide specific page elements (more options) - Specify which elements of the page are hidden.

1) Show only part of the content additional options

a) Use post excerpt
  • If enabled, post excerpt will be displayed (if available) until the user pays for the access.
  • If disabled, the post content fragment will be displayed.

Excerpt Example

With the following excerpt The excerpt is shown before the pay box 

b) Show first x% content

Show a percentage of the post content. Only works if "use post excerpt".

c) Apply fade out effect

Gradually hides the content, respecting the percentage value.


50% content and fade out effect.

2) Hide Full Post in Frontend

If enabled, will hide the full post (starting from the Read More tag) until the user pays for the access.

Backend vs. Frontend Example

3) Hide Full Page

Hides all elements of the page.


4) Hide Specific Page Elements

ID of Block (only one) to be replaced with payboxes 
Set one element ID which will be replaced with payboxes. E.g. "main".
 Accepts only one ID that is not inside the post/page content ID of Blocks to be hidden:
ID of Blocks to be hidden

Set the element ID which will be hidden. To add multiple, separate them by commas. E.g "main, content, footer".

The element cannot be inside the post/page content.

Note: Doesn't Include Post/Page Content

This feature does not apply to content inside the page/post. As such, in the following example the IDs box and content1 would not be hidden.

TIP: Finding ID

To find the ID of an element, use the inspect tool of your browser. Locate the element inside the elements list (called DOM tree), and copy its ID. Note that not all elements necessarily have IDs.

Full View


Additional Options (Always Apply)

The settings below apply despite the options selected above.

Hide comments before post purchase

If enabled, comments will be displayed only if user have active subscription for a specific post. If disabled, comments will be always visible.

Show Full Post in Preview

If enabled, when showing the post preview (eg. for Draft posts) the post content won't be truncated - Wordpress will display full content which will be visible after user purchase a subscription.

Reload Browser When Subscription Expires

If enabled, script will check in the background if the subscription is still active and reload the browser when it expires or user has been logged-out to disallow further reading post.

Allow Subscription Form for Guest User

If enabled, guest users will be able to purchase subscriptions of groups and categories even without being logged-in. This option shows the subscription form, including the price, to guests. Note that the guest access is based on a cookie and so guest users will lose access if this cookie is deleted.

Front-End Example

Register and Login a New User for Guest Client

Note: this option was introduced in version 2.5.2.

If enabled, guests will be registered and logged in automatically after they purchase the access to restricted content. This option works only if the previous option Allow subscription form for guest user is enabled.

A new user is created using one of the payment plugins - Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce, depends on which one you use. Created user has a user role  Subscriber

Important: This option doesn't work with offline payment methods, for example - Direct Bank Transfer by WooCommerce. If the user chooses offline payment method and pays, he will see the message that he must wait until the Administrator confirms the purchase. You can edit the message that the user will see by navigating to the Labels tab. Needed label is called  eddpay_wait_until_admin_approve.

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