CM Pay Per Post (CMPPP) - Subscriptions Settings

Subscription Settings

You can find the Subscriptions settings on wp-admin -> CM Pay Per Post -> Settings page under the General tab.

Subscription model

Choose the subscription model.

"Pay per each post" - user have to activate subscription for each post.
"Pay per pricing group" - user have to activate subscription once for pricing group and he will have access to all posts associated with this pricing group.

Hide comments before post purchase

If enabled, comments will be displayed only if user have active subscription for a specific post. If disabled, comments will be always visible.

Use post excerpt

If enabled, post excerpt will be displayed (if available) until user pay for the access.
If disabled, the post content fragment will be displayed.

Show full post in preview

If enabled, when showing the post preview (eg. for Draft posts) the post content won't be truncated - Wordpress will display full content which will be visible after user purchase a subscription.

Reload browser when subscription expires

If enabled, script will check in the background if the subscription is still active and reload the browser when it expires or user has been logged-out to disallow further reading post.