CM Pay Per Post (CMPPP) - Payment Options - MicroPayments vs. EDD vs. WooCommerce

Payment Options - Choosing Between MicroPayments, EDD, and WooCommerce

The plugin has two option for payments. In both cases the  plugin allows you to set a price for a specific or group of post or pages on your site (or even a single one).

1) CM MicroPayments

Allows you to assign digital wallets to users and charge them with points. Requires the  CM MicroPayments plugin installed.

Working with  CM MicroPayments means that each logged-in user has a wallet associated with him/her. In order to activate the subscription, he/she must first purchase the virtual currency which was set. Purchasing the Virtual currency can be done directly using PayPal or, if using Easy Digital Downloads, by any supported payment method available with EDD (more than 30).

Using virtual currency can also be based not on real money but on points with user gain while performing other tasks set by the admin. Within a learning environment is can be part of an overall system for managing student activities 

Once the user tries to activate the subscription the plugin check if he/she has enough "points" in his wallet. If not, the plugin will suggest to purchase points. 

2) EDD (Easy digital Downloads) Payments / WooCommerce

Allows you to charge users directly through different payment gateways, such as PayPal. Requires either the Easy Digital Downloads or the WooCommerce installed, as well as a version of the Pay Per Post Payment Add-on, which is an add-on for PPP that connects it with EDD and WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is currently the most used eCommerce solution for WordPress and treats each download as a downloadable product. EDD only handles virtual products, which it calls Downloads. PayPerPost works and behaves the same way with both.

When configuring EDD or WooCommerce, you can select which payment gateways to use. Some common options include Stripe, PayPal, Skrill, and 2Checkout.

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