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Setting Prices

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The price is called a subscription and it allows the user to pay a specific cost for viewing the post for a defined period of time. 

TIP: Period Options

You can create options in: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and lifetime

How to Create Price for a Post or a Group of Posts

In the plugin settings you can define several options: create groups and set its pricing.

When any of 3 payment plugins is activated, there will be displayed a corresponding section for creating pricing groups.

The process of defining prices is the same for each payment plugin:

In the following example, we've created: 

  • The group "Pay with MicroPayments" that has three subscription tiers and allows to pay with points.
  • The group "Pay with EDD" with two subscription tiers.
  • The group "Pay with WooCommerce" with three subscription tiers.

You can add any number of subscription groups for each kind of payment plugin.

For Decimals, Use Periods

When setting prices with decimals, use periods (.), and not commas.

  • Good example: 2.99
  • Bad example: 2,99

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