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Refund Settings

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MicroPayments Only

This feature is only available in the Pay Per Post MicroPayments integration. It's not available in the EDD/WooCommerce direct payments option.

How it Works

  • Refunds are not moderated - they are automatically granted.
  • You can choose how much time the user has to request the refund.


User clicks refund button...   

...Chooses reason... ...Is refunded.


Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Pay Per Posts Pro → Settings.

Click on the Refund tab.

  • Enable refunds - Refunds are available only for posts purchased by CM Micropayments - EDD or WooCommerce payments currently are not supported.
  • Refund reasons - Create new refund reason by creating new field and filling unique flag (left field) and text label (right field).
  • Time limit to allow refund - Set the time limit in minutes to allow refund for users that activated a subscription. After this time user won't be able to refund.

Once set user will be able to view a refund link on the post / pages he has been subscribed to. Once clicked he will need to mark the reason for the refund before it is applied. 

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