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Displaying Accented Letters Together with Non-Accented Ones

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This feature is only available in the Pro+ and Ecommerce editions.

In most European languages the Latin letters also have accented versions - eg: c / ć, z / ź, s / ś, o / ó / ä / ü  

Tooltip Glossary allows you to choose if these letters are grouped/ordered separately or together with their Latin (base) letter. Check the Front-End examples.

Use Case

The use case Creating a Glossary in a Non-English Language is relevant to this feature. It shows also how to create multiple languages, each with its own characters.


The Internationalization PHP extension (Intl) must be installed on your server. If it's not available, you should contact your web admin or your web hosts support. Learn how to troubleshoot this
The setting Use titles for sorting instead of permalinks? has to be enabled. The path is  Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip → Settings → Glossary Index Page → Alphabetic Index.
Pagination type must be set as Server-side. This way, it will reflect the correct numbers in the glossary index alphabetical.

The path is  Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip → Settings → Glossary Index Page → Pagination.

Enabling the Feature

To do this, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → Glossary Index Page.

Under Alphabetic Index, you will see the option Consider non-latin letters separate from their latin base?

Front-End Examples


Disabled Highlighted Setting

All accented letters will be treated as if they were non-accented for the purpose of grouping (eg. in Cube view).


Enabled Highlighted Setting

The accented letters will be treated as separate letters. 

In the following example, the letters á, ç and ś have also been added to the alphabetic index.

Related Options

In the same settings screen, you can find other options that are relevant to this feature:

  • Letters in alphabetic Index - You can include accented characters.
  • What locale should be used for sorting? - Choose the most relevant to your language. You can search for locales with this free online tool.

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