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Glossary Index CSS

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Note: this feature is available only in Pro+ and Ecommerce versions of the WordPress Glossary plugin.

The Glossary Index Page is controlled by several classes that can be styled within the CSS definitions of your theme or in the Additional CSS option in the WordPress customizer.

The Glossary Index Page links can be changed so that they look different from other glossary links on the site. 

To enable this option, go to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings.

In the Glossary Index Page tab, scroll down to the Links section and check the box titled Style links differently?:

Enabling the option 'Style links differently' - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin
Enabling the option 'Style links differently'

The default glossary link class is  class="glossaryLink" . When you activate this option, an additional class called glossaryLinkMain  is added to the links on the Glossary Index page.

Use this class to change the styling of the glossary links to make them look different than the glossary links that appear on posts and pages.

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