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Version Availability

  • Free version - Classic view
  • Pro version - Classic view, Small Tiles view. Can only use one.
  • Pro+/Ecommerce - All 18 views. Can use one (via settings) or multiple (via shortcode)

The Glossary Index Page is where all your glossary terms are gathered for quick reference. Check some of the 18 templates:

Changing the Template - Pro+/eCommerce Edition

The setting is always in the Glossary Index Page tab in your plugin settings. However, it's slightly different in the Pro version.

Pro Edition

  • Show glossary index page as tiles
    • Disabled - Classic View
    • Enabled  - Small Tiles view

Pro+/Ecommerce Edition

The option is the Display style dropdown.

List of Templates

Template Name Description Present in glossary_index_styles attribute
Classic Plain list of the terms in alphabetical order. All versions classic
Classic + Definition List of terms with their definitions, in alphabetical order. Pro/Pro+/eCommerce classic-definition
Classic + Excerpt List of terms with their excerpt, in alphabetical order (only applies if you’ve activated the excerpt feature). Pro+/eCommerce classic-excerpt
Small Tiles Small tiles, in alphabetical order. Pro/Pro+/eCommerce small-tiles
Big Tiles Larger tiles, in alphabetical order. Pro+/eCommerce big-tiles
Classic Table Alphabetical order inside a plain table. Pro+/eCommerce classic-table
Modern Table Alphabetical order inside a modern table. Pro+/eCommerce modern-table
Sidebar + Term page Terms are shown on the left side while the term is shown on the right side. Pro+/eCommerce sidebar-termpage
Grid + Terms Alphabetical order in a 3 column grid. Pro+/eCommerce grid-style
Cube Alphabetical index as a cube on the left side, and the terms on the right side. Pro+/eCommerce cube-style
Image Tiles View Terms shown in large tiles displaying a featured image or default icon. Pro+/eCommerce image-tiles-view
Expanded View + Description 1 List of terms in alphabetical order at full width, and the description visible below it. Terms are separated by a solid line and a "Back to top" link. Pro+/eCommerce expand-style
Expanded View + Description 2 List of terms in alphabetical order at full width, with the description visible below it. Terms are separated by whitespace only. Pro+/eCommerce expand2-style
Term + definition Table with a header, terms and long definitions Pro+/eCommerce term-definition
Image + term + definition Table with images, terms and long definitions Pro+/eCommerce img-term-definition
Term carousel Scrollable term grid with definitions Pro+/eCommerce term-carousel
Term tiles with definition  Tiles grid with definitions Pro+/eCommerce tiles-with-definition
Term flipboxes with definition
Animated flipboxes with title on one side and description on the other Pro+/eCommerce


Different Glossaries, Different Templates

In the Pro+/Ecommerce editions, you can modify the look of each glossary by applying attribute glossary_index_style to its shortcode.

The default shortcode is  [glossary] and adding an attribute will overwrite the general settings

For example: [glossary glossary_index_style="modern-table"]

The table above shows which value you should set to output each template.


[glossary glossary_index_style="classic"]

Classic Definition

[glossary glossary_index_style="classic-definition"]

Classic Excerpt

[glossary glossary_index_style="classic-excerpt"]

Small Tiles

[glossary glossary_index_style="small-tiles"]

Big Tiles

[glossary glossary_index_style="big-tiles"]

Classic Table

[glossary glossary_index_style="classic-table"]

Modern Table

[glossary glossary_index_style="modern-table"]

[glossary glossary_index_style="sidebar-termpage"]

Grid style

[glossary  glossary_index_style="grid-style"]

Alphabetic Cube

[glossary  glossary_index_style="cube-style"]

Extra Settings

The Cube template has extra settings: you can set the color cube buttons color. If the option is not set, the button color will be black.

You can find them under the Glossary Index Page Settings →  Styling section.

Expand view with description 

[glossary  glossary_index_style="expand-style"]

Expand view with description v2

[glossary glossary_index_style="expand2-style"]

Image Tiles View

[glossary  glossary_index_style="image-tiles-view"]

Term + Definition

[glossary  glossary_index_style="term-definition"]

Extra Settings

You can change the column width from the Glossary Index Page tab →  Styling section.


You can adjust the header labels under the Labels tab in plugin settings.

Image + Term + Definition

[glossary  glossary_index_style="img-term-definition"]

Term Carousel

[glossary  glossary_index_style="term-carousel"]

Tiles With Definition

[glossary  glossary_index_style="tiles-with-definition"]

Extra settings

The Tiles With Definition template has extra settings.

You can find them under the Styling section.

Flipboxes With Definition

[glossary  glossary_index_style="flipboxes-with-definition "]

Extra settings

The Tiles With Definition template has extra settings.

You can find them under the Glossary Index Page tab → Styling.

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