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How Plugin Works

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The CM Downloads Anonymous Posting AddOn for WordPress supports anonymous uploads of files to the download manager plugin.

Administrators can moderate each upload and approve or trash it.

The plugin also supports adding a Captcha check widget to the upload form.

How to set AddOn options

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Downloads Pro -> Settings.

Click on the Access tab.

For marked field ("Who can...") set "All users" to allow guests uploading files.

Change tab to Anonymous Upload.

Set if e-mail address field should be displayed and if it should be required to upload a file.


Enable Captcha to prevent spam. You need to gain a reCaptcha site ky from  https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/index.html for the ReCaptcha module to appear and work.

Front-end upload page

With CM Downloads Manager Anonymous Upload addon installed guest users can upload files like logged ones.

To add Upload Page link to menu, navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Downloads Pro -> Settings and copy "Link to downloads dashboard" link from the above of the settings tab.

Click on the Add new.

The guest user has to fill captcha (if defined) and enter their e-mail address in provided fields.

Below: Upload page without AddOn installed for guest users.

More information about the CM Downloads Manager Anonymous Upload WordPress  Plugin

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