CM Download (CMDM) + Anonymous Upload (CMDMAU) - Use Case - Allowing Anonymous Uploads

Use Case - Allowing Anonymous Uploads In Your Directory

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Note: This guide covers features from the
  • Pro version of CM Download Manager - This document uses version 4.3.0
  • Anonymous Upload add-on. 
  • Video Use-Case


    The CM Downloads Anonymous Posting Add-On includes anonymous upload support to the Download Manager plugin. Administrators can moderate each upload and approve or trash it.

    Use Case Front-End

    Use Case Assumptions

    In this example use case guide, we'll cover how to let users upload files anonymously to your download directory. You can apply the same idea to any topic or file type.

    We consider that you have already bought the add-on, but not installed it. We'll cover only the basics of setting up the CM Downloads plugin - If you still have not done so, check CM Download (CMDM) - Use Case - Creating Library of Content From Scratch.

    It follows:

    Installing The Add-on

    The process is the same for all CM plugins and add-ons.

    • Download the plugin from your customer dashboard
    • Log in to WordPress and navigate to the WordPress Admin  → Plugins settings
    • Click on Add New
    • Activate it and add the license

    Warning: Download Manager Has To Be Activated

    Download Manager has to be activated before you activate the add-on. Activating the add-on on its own will cause errors.

    Allowing Anonymous Uploads (Add-on Options)

    All the core functionality of the add-on is located in two screens. First, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Downloads Pro → Settings.

    Click on the Access tab. Set "Who can add new downloads" to "All users (including guests)".

    Next Steps

    The basic setup for the use case is done!

    But we can do much more.

    TIP Set Other Permissions

    In this same screen, you can allow anonymous users to:

    • View downloads
    • Use preview
    • Download files

    Asking and Requiring Anonymous Users to Provide Email

    All anonymous users have to provide a name. This will be used as the "Author" field of the download.

    A first line of security measure is to ask or force users to provide an email address while uploading.

    To do so, change tab to Anonymous Upload. Here, you have two settings.

    • Display email address field - Adds the "email" field to the upload form
    • Require email address - Makes the field obligatory. Note that there is no check to see if the email is valid.

    Email Field on The Upload Form

    The email field will appear at the end of the form.

    If the email is obligatory and was not provided, users will see the error message.

    You can change this message from the labels settings.

    Moderating Downloads

    Chances are you want to moderate each download.

    To do so, navigate to the  Admin Dashboard  CM Downloads  Settings → Access and moderation tab. 

    Under the  Downloads moderation section, disable "Auto-approve new downloads".

    Learn more: CM Download (CMDM) - Users - Auto-Approving Or Moderating Each Upload - WordPress Plugins Documentation

    Approval Message Example

    When users upload a file, they will see this message.

    This label can be changed from the settings. Learn more: CM Download (CMDM) - Getting Started - Changing Front-End Text (Labels)

    TIP: Same Settings as The Base Plugin

    Many other important settings are carried over from the original plugin. For example, the same file types are permitted. More resources:

    Using reCAPTCHA To Block Spammers

    Enabling reCAPTCHA is a great way to protect to prevent spam. 

    To enable it, you must acquire reCAPTCHA API keys from Google.

    TIP:What is reCAPTCHA

    reCAPTCHA is a test designed to filtrate bots. There are different versions of it. Learn more from Choosing the type of reCAPTCHA  |  reCAPTCHA.

    A properly configured reCAPTCHA should result in a test like this:

    Acquiring API Keys

    All steps are done from

    Check our specific guide: General Support - reCAPTCHA - What is It and How to Enable

    Adding Keys

    Once you have the keys, add them to Anonymous Upload tab → Captcha. Don't forget to enable "Enable captcha".

    Collecting Information, Including IP

    Note: This feature is relevant to GDPR compliance. Learn more: User Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

    You can maintain a log of download activity.


    Navigate to the   Admin Dashboard → CM Downloads Pro → Settings. Click on the Download Page tab.

     Under the logs section, check:

    Translating The Interface

    This integration includes some specific labels. This way, you can adapt all messages related to anonymous posting. 

    Head to CM Downloads → Settings → Labels and edit all relevant text.

    How Anonymous Users See Front-End Upload Page

    Let's check the complete result. 

    TIP: Upload Page Link

    Remember you can review the upload page link from  Admin Dashboard → CM Downloads Pro → Settings. 

    Now non-logged-in users can access this link too.

    In this page, users should click on  Add new.

    The guest user has to fill captcha (if defined) and enter their e-mail address in provided fields.

    Learn more about editing the Upload Form: CM Download (CMDM) - Getting Started - Adding a Download and Customizing the Upload Form

    More information about the CM Downloads Manager Anonymous Upload WordPress  Plugin

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