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The CM Download Manager plugin has a detailed Log and Statistics feature which enables the admin to get a good understanding of the usage of each download in his/her system. 

Geolocation API 

The Log and Statistics feature also comes with a Geolocation API offering additional country information for each IP that is collected in the log file.

To make the Geolocation API work you need to add a license key in the plugin Download Page setting tab as shown in the screenshot below. 

You can get a key by visiting this link http://ipinfodb.com/register.php to register your account.

Once added, the country name will appear in the log information which is collected.

Accessing the Log System

The Log system includes a detailed grid which collects all the log data recorded for the events occurring in the CM Download Manager Plugin.

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Downloads Pro  Logs.

Log Data in CM Download Manager

Log Data in CM Download Manager

The log interface includes the ability to filter data by date and download name. If the user was logged-in when he/she downloaded the file, his/her username and email will also appear in the log grid. You can also filter all records by username.

The Log system also provides graphs that represent this data over different periods of time. The graphs include statistics of how many files were downloaded during a defined period of time as shown in the following example:

CM Download manager Log System

Setting Options for the CM Download Manager Log System

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Downloads Pro  Settings. Click on the Download Page tab.

Log downloads of  -This setting can control if the log will be active, and if it will log only logged-in users or all users:

Recording Logged-in Users Downloads

When used with logged-in users, the log file will show the username, the date/time and the download:

You can filter information by date and also by download name.

You can export all log information to a CSV file:

Recording Anonymous Users Downloads

In case you want to log anonymous users download you need to make sure this option is set for the log system in the plugin settings (Choose everybody as the option)

You also need to make sure to ask for the user email for every download (Choose Enable for All Users as the option):

And last, make sure that downloads can be viewed by all users (Choose All Users as the option):

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