WordPress File Manager Plugin (CMDM) - Getting Started - Adding a Download and Customizing the Upload Form

Customizing the Upload Form

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With this WordPress File Manager plugin adding downloads is very simple for the admin and for your site's users. 

Users who have permission to add downloads can simply click on the "Add New" button on the Downloads page or their user dashboard, and they will be directed to a new download form:

The form for creating new downloads - File Manager Plugin for WordPress
The form for creating new downloads

Settings related to the Upload Form

The download form can be customized from the Upload Page section in the plugin settings. 

The admin can decide what fields should be included, which information will be visible to others users, and what fields are required.

Upload Form Supported Functionality

Upload Page settings - File Download Plugin
Upload Page settings
  • Allowed file extensions - Admin can define which files (allowed extensions) can be uploaded by users by specifying all the supported file extensions.
  • Type of download available for uploaders - Admin can also decide which upload methods are supported.
  • Upload button redirects on upload page if enabled - If enabled, the user will be redirected to an upload page. If disabled, the upload form will be opened in a frame.
  • Limit upload only single file per download resource - If enabled, the user will be limited to upload only single file into the download resource. If disabled, the user can upload multiple files to a single resource.
  • Enable Password protection for downloads - Admin can control if password textbox will not be shown in add/edit forms. This will prevent users from limiting download by password.
  • Enable download expiration - If enabled, the user will be able to choose expiration date for the download. Also, the download expiration date will be visible on the front-end on the index page and download page. Note: this option was introduced in version 4.4.6.

    The option while creating/editing the download:

    Settings an expiration date for a download - WordPress File Manager Plugin
    Settings an expiration date for a download

    Information on the front-end:

    Example of the expiration date for a download - WordPress Document Management
    Example of the expiration date for a download

    The front-end label can be changed in the Labels tab. Learn more about it here: WordPress File Manager Plugin (CMDM) - Getting Started - Changing Front-End Text (Labels)

  • Require name and email support mode - Admin can define if the user uploading the file can choose the option to ask for username and email for each download for users who are not logged in. Admin can set this option as mandatory for all downloads.
  • Allow specific files download - Choose whether this option should be customizable by the uploader or enabled/disabled for all downloads. If this option is enabled and a download contains more than one file, file names will come as a list in frontend with tied checkboxes to allow the selection of files for downloading.
  • Allow single file download - When a user uploads several files to the same download page, they are compressed to a single .zip file. By enabling this option, the person that uploads the files will be able to let users select which items they would like to download from the .zip file. When uploading files, the options "Allow single file download" and "Allow selecting specific files to download" will be available. Learn more about this by reading The Single Download Support Mode guide.
  • Require description -  If enabled and the "Show description" option is enabled, the description will be required to create new download.
  • Enable rich text editor - If enabled the WP Editor will be used for the description/installation/changelog fields. If disabled then only a simple HTML textarea fields will be available.

Supporting Categories 

Categories settings - File Manager WordPress
Categories settings
  • Show child categories in dropdown - Enable this option to display child categories in dropdowns. Note: this option was introduced in version 4.4.6.
  • Categories Required - You can determine if selecting categories is mandatory once uploading files.
  • Display categories in a scrollable box - In case you have many categories to select from, it is advised to show categories in a box rather than showing all of them.
  • Max number of categories - Define how many categories the user can select per each download.
  • Associate downloads only with sub-categories - If this option is selected, users which are uploading files will be able to select only subcategories.
  • Hide category selection field if category is only one - If there is only one download category, the selector will not be shown.

Additional settings

Additional settings for creating new downloads - WP File Download Plugin
Additional settings for creating new downloads
  • Redirect after upload - Select the page where to redirect the user after new upload is submitted.
  • Enable wp-admin downloads edit - Once this option is set to yes admin will be able to edit the custom post type and not to use the build-in upload form. This is essential mostly for troubleshooting. 
  • Use regular WordPress media uploader for screenshots - When user upload images associated with the downloads you can restrict him to use the WP media uploader or alternatively to use direct image upload. 
  • Show direct download link - If enabled, the direct download link will be displayed on the upload page. This link can be used to send it by email or in a chat message, and it will allow a receiver to download the file directly (after login and permission check).
  • Agreement text - If you want to add legal or terms for users uploading files you can use this text box to add your terms so the user will have to approve them when he uploads files.
  • Show Add Category in a different row - If enabled, Category List and Add Category will be in different rows.

More features which are applied to the upload page

There is one additional setting on the Download Page tab that affects both pages. A full description of these settings can be found on the Download Page Customization article.

Removing the version information from the download page will also remove the associated field from the upload file, as shown:

Displaying the version numbers for downloads - File Manager Plugin for WordPress
Displaying the version numbers for downloads

For more information about the options included in the download page please visit the download page setting help document.

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