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Getting Started - Changing Labels

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The CM Downloads plugin makes it easy for you to customize the text labels that appear in the downloads manager!

To control the appearance of the text that appears in the downloads manager, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Downloads Pro → Settings.

Click on Labels tab.


In the General section, the Admin can modify the most common labels used in the CM Download Manager interface, starting from what the downloads manager (is called on your site and how you would like to label the user's dashboard (where users have a list of their own downloads). You can also create customized labels for the search field and the author of downloads.

Index page

Under the Index page section, you can change labels that appears on the Downloads Index page.


Under the Upload section, you can change labels that appears on the page with the files uploading form.


Under the Download section, admins can adjust the labels for some of the prompts, alerts, and buttons users will see when they attempt to download a file from the download manager. You can choose for the "Download" label to appear differently for File and URL downloads, and customize the "Open" label for our supported "files list" shortcode.


Under the Following section, the admin can draft their own text labels related to following downloads categories, including the "Follow" and "Unfollow" labels, and the messages that users receive when they follow or unfollow a downloads category.


Under the Search section, you can create labels for the JS filter and search inputs.


Under the Shortcodes section, you can change the labels for filters from shortcodes.

Panel Titles

Under the Panel Titles section, you can change the text that will appear in many places on the CM Download Manager interface.

Download Page

Under the Download Page section, the admin can choose how the labels will appear on individual download pages, including the different tabs of information that are offered on the page and the link that brings you back to the WP login page.

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