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Getting Started - Quick Start Guide

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Download Manager First Steps

Installation | First Steps

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After you install  CM Download Manager, there are are some important steps to take to ensure the plugin will work properly.

Technical Set-Up 


Check Server Information

After downloading and installing the plugin on your WordPress site, On the WordPress Dashboard Navigate to CM Downloads → User Guide. Scroll down to System Information.

In order for the plugin to work properly, your server information should display the following information: 

  • PHP version greater than .5.4
  • PHP cURL is On
  • PHP upload size greater than 1M

Set Permalink Structure

Next, set the permalink for the CM Download system. Navigate to CM Downloads Pro → Settings → General. Click on 'Navigation: permalinks, menus, searching'.

Then set the permalinks for the downloads index page. Then click the ' Save settings' button at the bottom.

Learn more: CM Download (CMDM) - Getting Started - Setting Up WordPress Permalinks

Plugin Set Up 


File Types

Next, define which file types are permitted in the Upload Page tab.
Users will only be able to upload these file types. You should separate them by commas. 


zip, doc, docx, png, gif

Learn more: CM Download (CMDM) - Downloads - File Extensions and Download / Upload Types


User Access Control 

Next, navigate to the  Access and moderation tab. 

Here, under the Access submenu, you are able to define who is able to:

  • View downloads.
  • Add downloads.
  • Download files.
  • Create categories.
  • Use the server-side file browser when adding or editing a file.

Learn more: CM Download (CMDM) - Users - Access Permissions


Adding Your First Download

You can now start to manage your downloads and add new downloads to the file management and file sharing system! 

From your downloads dashboard, you can add your first download by clicking the Add New button.

To upload your first download you need to fill in all needed information and upload the file.

After you finish entering all of the information in the appropriate fields of the New Download form and you save the download, you will receive a notification of the successful upload. Click on the View link to see how your file will appear in the download manager!

Below is an example of how your first download page will appear:

Learn more: CM Download (CMDM) - Getting Started - Adding a Download and Customizing the Upload Form

Note: You can add images and additional information to customize each download!

Viewing The Downloads

Click on the Manage my Downloads button to view your downloads dashboard.


Front-End Access

Then, check out the link for the CM Downloads Front-End list. This link is located in the plugin settings, and will bring you to the main downloads page that users will see when they access your downloads manager. 

Next Steps


Handling theme-related issues

If the download page or the index page don't fit into your theme correctly please try to change the display template the download manager is using by going to the download page tab in the settings:

The same applies to the index page as well. You can change the index page template in the plugin settings under the index page tab.


Managing the sidebar widgets

If you want to add sidebar widgets please refer to the following article for information about the container you should be using based on the template you have chosen.


Using Shortcodes instead of the Index and Download Pages

You can turn off both the index page and the download pages by visiting  the plugin settings:

and instead, use one of the many available shortcodes including the one page shortcode.

Learn more: CM Download (CMDM) - Shortcodes - Available Shortcodes

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