CM Business Directory (CMBD) - Plugin Overview

Setting up

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  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Go to Admin Panel/Plugins/CM Business Directory and click Settings to set plugin options
    • General - Set general options for plugin.
    • Advertisement - Choose if you want to display advertisements and if so, place the ad content in the fields.
    • API Settings - Twitter and Alexa settings.
    • Business Page - Settings for Business Page. More about Custom Taxonomy, Additional Links/Fields, Star Rating.
    • Directory Index Page - General settings for Directory Index page and also Filters
    • Directory Appearance - Settings for three different views: Directory, Tiles and List view.
    • Custom CSS - Option to apply your own custom CSS styles.
    • Labels - Customize plugin labels to your needs.
    • JS Addon - Settings for plugin addon allowing to execute custom Javascript code on the Business Page.
  3. See the Shortcodes list to know what you can change to adjust the plugin to your needs.

Using the plugin

Add Business

  1. Go to Admin Panel/CM Business Directory and click Business and Add New or simply click the Add Business button.
  2. Fill in all fields, add Tags,  Categories and Custom Taxonomy Terms. Optionally you can also add Video and Additional Links and Fields.
  3. When finished, click on the Publish button to save the Business.

You can find the link to the business directory index page in the plugin settings

Want to allow customers to add their own businesses or claim businesses on your Business Directory?

The Business Directory Community add-on makes this easy.



The plugin comes with three widgets listing the latest Businesses or randomly picked and displaying Business categories.

Category List

Category list generates a list of plugin categories, tags and Custom Taxonomy terms with custom icons.

Single Business Shortcode

With  Single Business Shortcode you can place a single Business on post or page.

More information about the CM Business Directory WordPress  Plugin

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