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Adding a Business

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You can create new businesses using the Plugin settings. On the WordPress dashboard navigate to CM Business Directory Pro → Add New Business. You will be directed to the Add New Business editor.

Business Name

Enter a business title in the provided box.

Business Description

Describe the business and add any media as needed in the box provided.

Business Tags

Enter values in the box provided to add tags to the business. Use tags as a form of taxonomy for searching and filtering for businesses.

Business Categories

Check the appropriate boxes to add categories to the business listing. Similarly, add categories for  Custom Taxonomy, if the option is activated.

Business Owner

Enter the email address of the business page owner. If you are not the owner or do not have the owner's email address, leave the field empty. This field will be used in the business claiming process; when an email appears in this field the business will be classified as claimed.

Business Logo and Pitch

  • Pitch - Add it in the provided box.
  • Promoted option - will display the business at the top of every search results page, as well as on the related businesses list. Check this box if you would like to highlight a particular business.
  • Logo - The logo size must follow the defined size for the logo which is 400 by 400 px. You can restrict the setting to only accept the defined logo size and reject bigger images. Starting from version 1.6.6, you can also set it as the featured image.

Featured Image

On the right panel, you will find the Featured Image metabox, where you are able to set assign one image to represent the business in thumbnails. This is useful if you would like it to be different than the one set in the logo field.

Business Media

Either upload a MP4 video or enter a YouTube/Vimeo link. Use the URL example format for reference.

Business Picture Gallery

Upload Business photos. Use the example format for the reference.

Business Video

Enter the URL of a Business Video. Use the example format for the reference.

Business Address

Add a business address for the business listing, check the Show Address box to include the address on Google Maps. Setting the business as virtual will hide both the map and the address option.

Check the Add Google Map box to show the map on the business' page. Note: To do so please make sure you have set up the Google Maps API keys in the plugin settings. Without it, the map will not show up.

Business Documents

Add attachments to be displayed on the business page.

Front-end Example

Business Information and Links

Enter values in the boxes provided for social media profiles and business information. Any input field left empty will not appear on the business page.

Additional business links are defined in the plugin settings. They will be used only if defined in the plugin settings.

Business Additional Fields

If you have chosen in plugin settings to add additional business fields, their content can be added to this section of the business page. Please check the plugin settings for more information.

When you are finished editing, scroll to the top of the page and click Publish.

Business Annual Data

In the Annual Data field you can add extensive information that will be displayed in the front-end as a table, filtered by year.

After adding a year, you can easily edit or delete that information.


TIP: Changing Labels

By default, the annual data shows an example animal farming business. You can change all labels from the Labels section.

Learn more: CM Business Directory (CMBD) - Labels Settings

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