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The tooltip Glossary Index Page can support any UTF-8 characters and this allows you to build an alphabetic index for non English terms.

Setting up UTF-8 characters on your glossary

It is advised to set up your language support before you start adding terms to your glossary, right after you finish the installation. 

You will find the settings in Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip → Settings → Glossary Index Page. Scroll down to the section called Alphabetic Index.

To start using the tooltip glossary in a UTF-8 characters set, all you have to do is enter characters used in your language, separated by a comma, into the box titled Letters in alphabetic index, as shown in the example below:

On the Glossary Index Page this will look as follows:

Changing the Letter Order

The index will respect the order in which you place the letters in the "Letters in alphabetic index" setting. This is useful for languages that contain characters not present in the English alphabet, such as "ż", "ß", "ø" and so on. 

You can also select which letter that should be the preselected letter.

Additional Options

You can choose to show numeric figures in the alphabetic index [0-9], for terms that begin with a number.
Another option is to add the [All] button into the alphabetical list, which when clicked will display all your glossary terms in one list.

Adding a separator line

Warning: This option only works for the Client-side Pagination type. See this page about pagination.

To increase readability, you can break the alphabetic line filter into two or more lines by adding "|" between the letters in the setting, as if it was another letter.

Put "|" between letters separated by commas where you would like a new line to appear:

Below is an example of a frontend alphabetic filter with a new line after 'c':

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