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Use Case

The use case Creating a Glossary in a Non-English Language is relevant to this feature.

What is This Feature

The Alphabetic navigation is a box that filters terms based on their first letter.

Alphabetic navigation - Glossary Plugin WordPress
Alphabetic navigation

The WordPress Glossary plugin supports any UTF-8 characters, allowing you to build an alphabetic index for non-English terms.

Finding the Settings

You will find the settings in Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → Glossary Index Page tab. 

Glossary index page settings - Tooltip Plugin WordPress
Glossary index page settings

Scroll down to the section called Alphabetic Index.

Alphabetic index settings section - Tooltip WordPress Plugin
Alphabetic index settings section

Included Letters

To start using the tooltip glossary in a UTF-8 characters set, all you have to do is enter characters used in your language, separated by a comma, into the box titled Letters in alphabetic index, as shown in the example below:

Setting up letters in the alphabetic index - Wiki Plugin for WordPress
Setting up letters in the alphabetic index

Changing the Letter Order

The index will respect the order in which you place the letters in the "Letters in alphabetic index" setting. This is useful for languages that contain characters not present in the English alphabet, such as "ż", "ß", "ø" and so on. 

You can also select which letter that should be the preselected letter.

Complete list of settings

Setting Description Front-End Example
Display Alphabetical Index Show or hide
Stretch the alphabetic index to 100% The index will cover the complete width of the page
Letters in alphabetic index Which letters will be included (all UTF-8 characters supported)
Size of the letters in alphabetic index Choose between small, medium and big
Show numeric [0-9] in alphabetic index? Show or hide

Show all [ALL] in alphabetic index? Clicking on it will shows all terms
Show matching elements counts in alphabetic index? Display the number of terms when hovering the mouse over that letter
Show alphabetic index as round elements Changes the icons from rectangles to circles
Show empty letters in alphabetic index? Show or hide them
What letter should be preselected in alphabetic index? Letter selected by default when the page is loaded
Consider non-latin letters separate from their latin base? When this setting is unchecked, terms starting with: "A" and "Á" will be displayed for "A".
Use titles for sorting instead of permalinks? Updating the title will update the position
What locale should be used for sorting? If left empty, the locale of the Wordpress installation will be used.
Number of items per letter (0 for no limit)
Shows a limited number of items for each alphabet letter.
Set 0 to show all items (it disables the setting)

Note: enabling this setting disables pagination

TIP: Adding Separator Line

To increase readability, you can break the alphabetic line filter into two or more lines by adding "|" between the letters in the setting, as if it was another letter.

Put "|" between letters separated by commas where you would like a new line to appear:

Adding separator line - Wiki for WordPress
Adding separator line

Below is an example of a frontend alphabetic filter with a new line after 'c':

Multiline alphabetic navigation - Wiki WordPress Plugin
Multiline alphabetic navigation

Warning: This option only works for the Client-side Pagination type. See this page about pagination.

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