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Displaying Term Description in Glossary Index

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To show the description of the term (or part of the description) on the glossary index page you need to choose the right template from the list of available templates.

Terms and Definitions can be shown together when you choose the “ Classic + Description” view on the “Glossary Index page” settings tab.

The definition that is shown underneath the term is the same definition which shows in the tooltip (the definition of the term), but you are able to control the length of the definition which is shown in the index page by specifying the amount of characters which can be displayed. 

Displaying Excerpt

In case your term definitions are long  –  but you still want to show them in the Glossary Index Page, you can also set the manual Excerpts and use the “ Classic + Excerpts” view. In this case you need to make sure that each term page has a short definition already filled up in the term excerpt.

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