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Creating a Single Code

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Creating Codes

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Head to Admin Dashboard → Invitation Code Content Access → Invitation codes to create codes.

In this screen you can manage your current codes and add new ones.

Click Add Invitation Code to generate a single code.

Add Invitation Code (Single)

This method generates a single invitation code.

You can:

  • Code - Write down the code (or generate a random one)
  • Note - Add a note (can only be seen by the admin)
  • Expiration date - Leave empty to never expire (respects the website time zone)
  • No of usages - Set a usage limit (empty or 0 means unlimited)
  • Sharing Type - Choose between a code type. Learn more below.
    • Content (URL) - Set the allowed URLs (use * to indicate any subdirectory. For instance, example.com/*)
    • Short Content - Hide part of a page or post.
    • File - Choose file to be locked.
  • Notification email - Write an email address which will be notified about this code. Note that if you change this field and save the changes, another email will be sent
  • Disclaimer text - Apply an unique Terms of Service text. If you leave the field empty, the default ToS will be applied (learn more: Settings - General (Configuring Access, Privacy).

Content vs. Short Content vs. File Codes 

When creating a code, you can choose between locking content (URL), part of a page/post or a file.

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