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Creating a Single Code

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Creating Codes

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Head to Admin Dashboard → Invitation Code Content Access → Invitation codes to create codes.

In this screen you can manage your current codes and add new ones.

Click Add Invitation Code to generate a single code.

TIP: Updating Codes

Every code can be fully edited after it's been created. That means editing expiration date, sharing type and even the code itself! 

While this can be useful, be mindful not to invalidate your codes.

Add Invitation Code (Single)

This method generates a single invitation code.

Invitation Code

  • Code - Write down the code (or generate a random one)
  • Note - Add a note (can only be seen by the admin)

What is Restricted

Choose between a code type.

  • Content (URL) - Set the allowed URLs (use * to indicate any subdirectory. For instance, example.com/*) from your site.
  • Posts/Page - Choose specific posts or pages from your site. 
  • Content Inside Post/Page - Hide part of a page or post.
    To use it, apply the relevant content inside the shortcode   [cmicca_access_code].
    Learn more: How To - Hide Partial Content on Page/Post
  • File Upload - Upload or choose a file from the media library to be locked.
    You have to apply the shortcode on the Display Content Access Form.
    Learn more: Invitation Code Content Access - How To - Display Content Access Form (Shortcode).
  • File Link - Link to a external file.

How and When Code Expires

  • Number of uses - Set a usage limit (empty or 0 means unlimited)
  • Valid from - Leave empty to activate the code right away (respects the website time zone)
  • Expires on - Leave empty to never expire (respects the website time zone)
  • Once activated, expires after some time - Expires the account a certain amount of time after the first time the user logs in.
    The timer runs while the user is offline.
    Enter the amount of hours. 1 is one hour, 0.5 is half an hour (30 minutes) etc. The default value is 1
  • User can only access blocked content for some time - Expires the account after the user spends a certain amount of time on your site.
    The timer only runs while the user is online and accessing the content.
    Enter the amount of hours. 1 is one hour, 0.5 is half an hour (30 minutes) etc. The default value is 1

Notify User (Code Creation and Recovery)

Security and Privacy

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