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It's possible to sell invitation codes directly from your WooCommerce shop, and you can use the same product for generating different codes for different buyers. 

This feature was introduced in version 1.3.10.

Note: The following instructions work the same for restricting URL, Posts/Pages, Content inside Page/Post, File Upload and File Link. In our example we will follow the steps to restrict posts.

Step by Step

Navigate to Admin Dashboard → Invitation Code Content Access → Setting.

In the General tab, under the Payment section, find and enable these three options:

  • Enable Payment
  • Auto create/update WooCommerce products for invitation codes with price
  • Allow to sell invitation codes via products ordered directly from the shop catalog

Then click the button Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Now you can start creating the invitation code.

You can learn more about creating the codes in Creating Codes - Single Code or Use Case - How to restrict two separate pages with different codes.

After filling all information while creating the code, don't forget to set the price:

Important! The field WooCommerce product ID must be empty - the product will be created automatically and you don't need to create it manually and enter it's ID here.

And the second crucial thing - enable the option Use code as template:

Now you can Publish the code.

The created code is in a list of invitation codes:

The relevant WooCommerce product was created automatically:

Now you can sell the code directly from your WooCommerce shop:

Now every time someone buys the code a new unique code is generated, and you can see it in the list of the invitation codes.

Using this simple instruction you can sell different invitation codes using the same product directly from your WooCommerce shop. 

But remember: you need to create a separate template code for each item (page, post, url etc.) you want to restrict.

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