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It's possible to create a gift invitation code and attach it to different WooCommerce products, the same as you would connect one WooCommerce product to a few different gift invitation codes. 

This feature was introduced in version 1.3.11.

This feature works when you create codes for selling directly from the WooCommerce shop. We consider that you already know how to create invitation codes and how to sell them directly from the WooCommerce shop. If not, learn more about it:

Part 1 – Connect a Few WooCommerce products to One Gift Code

Let's go straight to the creating of a new invitation code and consider crucial options. While creating the code you can see these options:

Price - Here you don't need to set the price. Leave it blank or set 0.

WooCommerce product ID - Here you can attach a few different WooCommerce products to one code, using WooCommerce product's ID. They must be separated by comma.


We have a few WooCommerce products, and we want to connect them all to one code. Let's copy their ID's first:

Then we paste these IDs to the relevant field separating them with comma:

Code purpose - This is the option for a "gift code". The code will be sent to the buyer in the email with purchase information. So here you need to write the page, post, file or anything else that you restrict, so the buyer knows what the code gives access to - and this code will be marked as "gift code".

This code must be a template, so enable the option Use code as template:


Here is an example of the email that the user receives when they buy any of the chosen WooCommerce products:

Part 2 – Connect a Few Gift Codes to One WooCommerce Product

You can also connect more than one gift invitation code to one WooCommerce product - so when the user buys one product, they receive a few gift invitation codes. Here's how to do it.

Let's create another single invitation code and navigate to the same options as earlier. Let's set in the WooCommerce product ID field the same WooCommerce product, that we already set in Part 1 of this guide. So the WooCommerce product with ID "7708" will be connected to two gift invitation codes:

And don't forget to enable the Code as template option:


When the user buys this WooCommerce product they receive an email with purchase information and all gift invitation codes connected to this WooCommerce product:

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