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General Settings

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Most of the plugin's settings are located in the General Settings page. Head to Admin Dashboard → Invitation Code Content Access → Settings → General


These are the options:

  • Access authentication based on - Choose between:
    • User session - The code will be used once every session. A session lasts for as many pages the user visits and only ends after the user is inactive for 30 minutes.
    • Cookie - Applies a cookie that expires after 24 hours. 
    • Per view - The user will have to input the code every time the page refreshes.
  • Access denied to logged in users - Enable this option to enable the restrictions to all users except the admin. Disable it to make the code works only for guest users.
  • Access code locked to logged in users - Enable this option to tie codes to the logged-in user. This way, after a logged-in user uses the code, that code cannot be used by any other user.
  • Access denied page URL - The user will be redirected to this page once he/she tries to access locked content with an expired code. Learn how to set this page up: Invitation Code Content Access - How To - Display Content Access Form (Shortcode)
  • Enable four digits invitation code - Codes will have four digits only
  • Four digits invitation code pattern - Only works if "Enable four digits invitation code" is enabled. You can choose which characters will be included:
    • Numbers and letters (0-9 and A-Z)
    • Numbers only (0-9)
    • Letters only (A-Z)
    • Four Digits code mode

      If Four Digits Code mode is enabled, this will happen:
      • Longer codes WILL NOT work
      • New codes will be generated with four characters only
      • The code box will ask for only four digits

      Learn more: Invitation Code Content Access - Four Digit Codes

  • Enable Multi-Factor authentication - The box will require SMS authentication before actually being used. The user will receive a SMS with a code and only after inputting it the code will work.
    (Requires the CM Secure Login installed with SMS as Two-Factor authentication method)
  • Enable Google Tag Manager (GTM) data layer - Can be used to track customer usage of the codes by using the dataLayer.push method.
    Requires your site to have Google Tag Manager activated.
    Technical information:

Terms and Privacy

  • Show disclaimer for first time users - If enabled, users will be prompted to accept your terms before applying a code for the first time.
  • Disclaimer text - Add the Terms of Service text users will have to accept in order to utilize the service. You can add rich text and multimedia.
    When creating codes, you can apply unique ToS messages.
  • Collect IP Address - Choose if the plugin will register the IP Address of users when they apply codes. The IPs will be visible in the access log of each code. Depending on the geographical region of your user, disclosing this practice in terms of service can be obligatory.

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