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Customize Email Template

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What is this Feature

Starting from version 1.1.8, it's possible to edit the email sent to users when a code is created.

You can send this email when creating single codes or importing them via CSV files.



Head to Admin Dashboard → Invitation Code Content Access → Invitation codes to edit the template.

You can specify:

  • Email subject
  • Email content - Supports HTML, images and placeholders


Placeholders will be replaced by different values every time the email is sent. 

These are supported:

  • [ICODE] - invitation code
  • [URL] - which URL is granted access by the code. Only works if the code locks an URL
  • [EDATE] - expiration date of the code. If there's no expiration date, nothing will be shown
  • [EMAIL] - user email
  • [NOTE] - invitation code note. If there's no note, nothing will be shown

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