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Creating Multiple Codes at Once

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Creating Codes

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Head to Admin Dashboard → Invitation Code Content Access → Generate Sequence codes to create codes in bulk.

TIP: Updating Codes

Every code can be fully edited after it's been created. That means editing expiration date, sharing type and even the code itself! 

While this can be useful, be mindful not to invalidate your codes.

Add Invitation Code (Multiple)

This method generates multiple invitation codes at once.

You can configure:

  • Session - Write down the session (for internal use only)
    • Randomized codes - If enabled, codes will be randomized. If disabled, they will be sequential


    • Sequential Code - code_001, code_002, code_003...
    • Randomized Codes - FJTA, AKWW, SU8R...
  • Number of codes - How many codes will be created
  • Use prefix - Enable to append a prefix to all codes. Some examples: "code_", "2019sale_"
  • Note - Add a note (can only be seen by the admin)
  • Valid from date - Leave empty to activate the code right away (respects the website time zone)
  • Expiration date - Leave empty to never expire (respects the website time zone)
  • No of usages - Set a usage limit (empty or 0 means unlimited)
  • Expire code some time after first login - Expires the account a certain amount of time after the first time the user logs in.
    Enter the amount of hours. 1 is one hour, 0.5 is half an hour (30 minutes) etc. The default value is 1
  • Expire code by time online - Expires the account after the user spends a certain amount of time on your site.
    Enter the amount of hours. 1 is one hour, 0.5 is half an hour (30 minutes) etc. The default value is 1.
  • Sharing Type - Choose between a code type. Learn more below.
    • Content (URL) - Set the allowed URLs (use * to indicate any subdirectory. For instance, example.com/*)
    • Short Content - Hide part of a page or post.
    • File - Choose file to be locked.
  • Disclaimer text - Apply an unique Terms of Service text. If you leave the field empty, the default ToS will be applied (learn more: Settings - General (Configuring Access, Privacy).

Once you click Generate, you should see a log of created codes and two options:

  • Show Codes - Directs you to the codes dashboard, showing only these codes
  • Download CSV - Generates a CSV file with all code information. Useful if you generate a huge number of codes and would like to track and manage them from elsewhere.

Content vs. Short Content vs. File Codes

When creating a code, you can choose between locking content (URL), part of a page/post or a file. 

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