CM Tooltip (CMTG) - Whitelist/Blacklist Terms on a Post/Page

Whitelist/Blacklist Terms on a Post/Page

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Note: features described in this guide are available only in Pro+ and Ecommerce versions.

CM Tooltip Glossary plugin comes with option blacklist or whitelist Glossary Terms on Post/Page. 

To use the functionality you just need to navigate to the post/page editor on the Admin Dashboard and once you're there find the CM Tooltip - Filter Terms metabox in the right column.

Then, fill the provided field with  Terms you want to put on whitelist or blacklist. Finally choose list type: Whitelist or Blacklist. Update the post or page to save changes.

Remember: If you decide to use this field, and select the "Whitelist" then for this page only the terms which are on this list and are defined in the Glossary will be highlighted in the content. If you choose "Blacklist" instead, selected terms will not be highlighted on the page.

Blacklist Example

Lets say we do not want to show a tooltip for a specific word ("typography") on the post page. Put the Typography Term on the Blacklist. Update your post.

Now, on the front-end view of the post, word 'typography' has not Tooltip Term attached.

Whitelist Example

Procedure is almost the same as in the  Blacklist Example. With Whitelist you can display only specific Terms.

Note, that words WordPress, typography and Open Source has Tooltips attached. We want to display a Tooltip only for Open Source term.

Put  "Open Source" on the provided field, choose Whitelist and update post.

Now, on the front-end page view, only OpenSource term has its Tooltip.

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