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How to highlight only every N-th term on a post/page

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The WordPress Glossary plugin allows you to choose the way, how many terms will be displayed on the page: either to display all term occurrences and its synonyms/variations or to display first occurrence only. Since the version 4.0.8 the Ecommerce edition, the plugin has one more option that allows you to define, how often the term will be displayed on the page. It can be useful in case, if terms are met too often in the article and it's not good to display them all, but you still want the terms to be displayed in some places along the article.

To find that option, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary Ecommerce → Settings → General Settings tab.

General settings - WordPress Internal Linking Plugin
General settings

Scroll down to the section Term highlighting. The option that we need is Highlight every nth occurrence only

Highlighting every N-th occurrence only - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin
Highlighting every N-th occurrence only

Select this option if you want to only highlight every N-th occurrence of a term (or it's synonyms/variations) on a page/post. Setting it to 3 means that only every third occurrence will be highlighted. Set to 1 to highlight all occurrences. 


This option doesn't work if the option Highlight first term occurrence only? is enabled.


For example, we have a term and this term has a synonym and variation:

Terms example with synonyms and variations - Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin
Terms example with synonyms and variations

And we want this term to be highlighted every third occurrence, so we set the value 3 in the option Highlight every nth occurrence only:

Highlighting every 3rd occurrence only - Glossary Plugin WordPress
Highlighting every 3rd occurrence only

Let's see the result on the front-end:

Result on the front-end - Tooltip Plugin WordPress
Result on the front-end

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