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Removing the Tooltip From Glossary Or Other Pages

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Removing the tooltip display from a page, including from the Glossary Index Page, is done by editing the page. 

This is available in all premium versions of CM Tooltip.

Finding The Index Page

Open the Glossary Index Page in the WordPress editor  - the easiest way to find the page is to go to  Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip → Settings. The link is above the settings tabs:

Turning Tooltip Off on a Single Page

Edit that page and check the metabox "CM Tooltip - Disables" on the right corner.

Change the dropdown "Tooltips" to "Don't Show"

Three Available Options

An in-depth look on the three options - 

  • Use global settings - this page will use the general settings. This is the default for all pages
  • Disable - Tooltips will not show on this page, no matter what the general settings are
  • Show - Tooltips will show on this page, no matter what the general settings are

TIP: No Metabox?

If the metabox is not being shown, ensure this setting is enabled:

Settings → General Settings → Edit Screen Elements → "CM Tooltip Disables" metabox

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