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Looking For AMP Support?

You can display tooltips on AMP pages too. Learn more: Extras - AMP Support (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

This feature is only available in the Pro, Pro+ and Ecommerce editions.

The plugin can detect what device is being used and will determine its behavior according to the screen size and touch event availability.

How mobile plugin support works with CM Tooltip:

If the plugin detects that a mobile device is in use - specifically touchscreen devices - the behavior of the tooltips is changed then based on the settings:

  • Tooltips are displayed on the first touch of the term (since it’s impossible to “hover” over terms).
  • An additional link is displayed at the bottom of the tooltip’s content (see "Enable mobile support").

In the Pro+ and Eco edition of the plugin, it’s possible to optionally turn this feature on or off as well as to change the label of this additional link to the term page.


There are several settings allowing to change the behavior of the tooltips on mobile devices. Head to  Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip → Settings → Tooltip → Tooltip - Mobile Support & Activation. 

The options are:

  • Enable the mobile support? - After enabling this option a link to the term page will appear at the bottom of the tooltip. This is the easiest way to allow your users to reach the Glossary Term pages on mobile devices.
  • Close tooltips only on button click? - If this option is enabled, the only way to close the tooltip on mobile devices will be by clicking the "Close icon". 
    Important: Make sure that the "Show close icon" option is enabled, otherwise  it won't be possible to close the tooltips!
  • Close tooltips on mouse moveout? - If this option is enabled, then the tooltips will close when moving the cursor out of their bounds. Make sure that the Show close icon option is enabled, otherwise it won't be possible to close the tooltips! Note: this option is not available in Pro version of the plugin.
  • Close tooltips on touch outside? - If this option is enabled, then it would be possible to close the tooltip on mobile devices by touching anywhere outside the tooltip. You will be able to touch inside the tooltip to scroll the long tooltips. Note: this option is not available in Pro version of the plugin.
  • Disable tooltips on mobile devices? - By selecting this option you can completely disable the tooltips on the mobile devices. 
  • Disable tooltips on desktops? - Hides tooltips on desktop devices.
  • Display tooltips on click? - By default the tooltips are displayed on hover. By checking this option you can change it so they're only opened on click/touch.
  • (Debug) Move tooltips in DOM tree dynamically? - If this option is enabled, then HTML element on the tooltip will move in DOM tree when tooltip is displayed. Warning: don't change this option unless you know what you're doing. Note: this option was introduced in version 4.0.3.

Additionally, you can change the color of the mobile link in the option Tooltip mobile link color under the Tooltip - Styling section.

And you can update the label under the Labels tab. 

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