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Displaying Tooltips in LearnPress

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What is The Issue?

While using LearnPress, you might not see tooltips right away in some types of pages (such as course pages). The fix involves the plugin settings and CSS.

Front-End Example Of The Issue

Fix Part 1: Enable Tooltip Highlighting

Firstly, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → General Settings tab.

Then, go to the Term Highlighting section. In here, you should make sure the LearnPress post types are enabled. This will show tooltips in their pages.

In the example below, we enabled LearnPress Course, Lesson, Quiz and Question.

TIP: Finding LearnPress (And Other) Post Types

Your list of post types will likely be different, but LearnPress post types are easy to spot, as they are named "lp_xxx".

If you are facing the same issue with other plugins, it's possible this setting will help solving it too.

Fix Part 2 - Change Z-Index With CSS

If the tooltips still don't appear, it's likely that they are showing behind the content. In order to fix this, apply the following CSS rule on the template: 

#tt {
     z-index: 15000;

Learn more about CSS and how to edit it: Advanced - Custom CSS.

Result: Course Page Shows Tooltip

Extra Resources

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