CM Answers (CMA) - Getting Started - General Plugin Settings

Getting Started - General Plugin Settings

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Getting started with the CM Answers plugin begins with making decisions about how your forum will operate and appear. You can take that first step by navigating to the Admin Dashboard → CM Answers PRO → Settings and then clicking the General tab.

This guide is broken down in different pages to make reading easier:

General Settings

  • Answers permalink - Optionally, choose to replace the default “/answers” permalink with any other slug. Learn more about permalinks
  • Categories URL part - Optionally, choose the default categories part of the default URL pattern. Learn more about permalinks
  • Set as homepage - Set the questions listings as your website’s homepage.
  • Add a rel="nofollow" attribute to links - Makes all links inside the forum "nofollow". This feature is mostly related to SEO. When a link is nofollow, search engines (such as Google or Bing) will not use it to influence the link's ranking in their index.
  • Add “Answers” to the navigation menu - Keep in mind that you can only do this if you have the “wp_nav_menu” trigger as part of your Template.
  • Disable the “Answers” page - If this option is enabled, accessing the answers page will result in an error message. This can be useful in cases where CM Answers is being used exclusively with supported shortcodes and the admin wants to prevent the display of the general answers page.
  • Ajax
    • Auto-create the AJAX page - If enabled, a page with the index will be created automatically if not found. The index page is a simple page with the shortcode [cma-index] - learn more about how to configure it by reading the guide CM Answers (CMA) - Theme - Index Page.
    • Enable AJAX call on filters -  Makes filter selections seamless (the page won't have to reload). Feature added in version 4.0.7
    • Enable AJAX call on question - If enabled, then questions will open with Ajax call (the page won't have to reload).

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