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Getting Started - How the CM Answers Plugin Works

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The CM Answers Plugin creates a simple yet powerful Questions and Answers forum that is intuitive to use, easy to manage, and similar in style to the very popular forum StackOverflow.

In simple terms, the CM Answers Plugin enables you to ask questions and receive answers and comments for each question. Users can rate answers by voting for the questions and answers posted. 

The admin can order questions according to either the number of votes or the date published. If enabled, users can make comments on each of the questions or answers. Users can search the forum by filtering by category, most votes, etc. or by searching for specific questions. 

CM Answers has many features and customization options, including the ability to attach files to questions, answers, and comments or to place limitations on who can view, answer, or comment on questions. 

When users ask a question, they can assign it to one or more of the forum's categories and/or sub-categories!

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